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We love living in the Ozarks and it has been our home for many years. We enjoy the spirit of giving back and the pride that comes with supporting our community. 

The philanthropic mission of JDubya's Garage is to support the arts, for the joy that it brings to our lives, and to help the needy, who have perhaps been dealt a bad hand in the deck of cards that is life, yet make a valiant effort to help themselves. We are also supporters of law enforcement, and the brave men and women who run into the face of danger and violence so that the rest of us are kept safe.

We are proud to support the following organizations

The Salvation Army

The Springfield Symphony Orchestra


The Discovery Center

Thailand Little Ones

Honor Flight of the Ozarks

RE Olds Transportation Museum

Auto History Preservation Society

Antique Auto Club of America

Rescue One

The Pharoahs car club and their charitable recipients

The Route 66 Mopar Club and their charitable recipients

The Greater Ozark Pontiac Oakland Club International and their charitable recipients

Evangel University

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