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in 2020, we created the concept of JDubya's Garage with two ideas in mind. First, we wanted to have a venue to share our love of cars with fellow enthusiasts. We tend to collect cars that are unique and unusual and maybe a step or two off the beaten path. We're not very good lemmings, and we don't usually follow the crowd. Our collection is very eclectic and almost impossible to pin down, and that's the way we like it.


Second, we wanted to have a way to be charitable that is also maybe a bit off the beaten path. With a few exceptions, we favor those charities who maybe don't get the big bucks from big donors. We admire the passion and commitment of those who tend to fly below the radar. We don't feel the need to have a lot of press, nor do we feel the need to have our names adorning buildings. For those that do, more power to you and we applaud your generosity. But it's not our style.

Thank you for visiting, and if you see someone who is truly in need, why not lend a hand?

Jon and Debbie

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